Our Story

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About Tonya Pesch

I attained my formal experience at Stephen’s College in Columbia, Missouri, and hold a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Fashion Design and Product Development. I also have an Associates of Applied Science of Arts in Fashion Design from Johnson County Community College (JCCC). I submitted collections at both JCCC and Stephens College for their respective annual fashion shows. My collection RideLikeAGirl, was presented in front of a panel of International judges at the Stephens College Annual Fashion Show, and I won the award for Best Collection: Most Marketable.

I believe the best designs are inspired by a life well-lived. My fashion interest reflects my love of riding horses and travel. I’m inspired by the Western lifestyle and the feeling of a free spirited gypsy soul. I have always created one-of-a-kind items for personal use, because most of what I see in my mind I am not able to find in the world of current fashion. The collections of Nokota are Western Boho inspired and include details of lace, fringe, leather, and soft flowing materials with hand designed prints.

My brand Nokota, is portrayed in my logo which is a digitized format of my original hand painted horse. Nokota is a bold and free to roam. The circle that encompasses her, is representative of a clock. She is running free of time and physical restraint.